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Recent P.A.C.E. Meeting Minutes and Event News

April 2013
General Meeting
Conversation with School Board Candidates!
wide ranging discussion concerning many issues facing the district and program at this time
March 2013
General Meeting
Social & Emotional Needs of Kids Identified as Gifted & Talented
Guest from Childrens’ Hospital doctoral program: Hillary Thomas, M.Ed. info
February 2013
General Meeting
Special Guest: Dr. Gene Harris, Superintendent of Columbus City Schools
Conversation and discussion of work of Future of gifted and Talented Task Force
January 2013
General Meeting
Summer Options and Opportunities Discussion
November 2012
General Meeting
School Choice and Lottery discussion
October 2012
General Meeting
Discussion of Academic Options and “Extras” for all grade levels
September 2012
General Meeting
  • update from key members of the Columbus City Schools Gifted and Talented staff on the implementation of the new Cluster-focused Gifted Services.
  • grade-level discussions about the specifics of programs in grade levels appropriate to your child(ren), with parents and C.C.S. Gifted and Talented educators.
  • information about the many programs for Gifted and Talented within the Columbus City Schools
  • build relationships with other parents and staff, as we strive to work together in bringing the best possible opportunities to all of our “kids>” Share your experience and hope, as well as receiving that gift from others.
April 2012
General Meeting
We had a general discussion on wide-ranging topics, including Enrichment Beyond the Classroom.
March 2012
Special meeting to share concerns about changes in GT programs
Some Minutes / Notes from 2011-2012

October 2010 – Special

October 2010

    first General Meeting of 2010-2011
    Open House
    We met with other families as well as Gifted and Talented staff to get acquainted and share our experiences and hopes.
March 2010

    Special Guest Dave Dobos gave a stimulating presentation on “How to Succeed in the College Admissions Game.”

    Dave’s presentation included helpful information on college admissions for applying to any institution of higher learning: from Columbus State Community College to the Ivy League – or even THE Ohio State University. He had pointers for families with students from elementary too High School as well!

    If you missed it, you might still be in luck. Dave had so many good things to share that we might have to have Dave back next year for more!

    Dave Dobos, is a former member of the C.C.S. School Board. Dave currently runs Sheridan WorldWise, a company that provides academic materials and services. Dave is also a regional interviewer for prospective M.I.T. students, and knows the inside workings of college admission at highly competitive schools.

February 2010

    We enjoyed a wide-ranging discussion on curriculum, with the requirements of Ohio Core as the starting point.
January 2010

    A number of us braved the weather for a Conversation With the Superintendent, and it was well worth our while!
    Dr. Gene Harris, Superintendent of Columbus City Schools, shared with us the latest news concerning the district, and particularly Gifted and Talented concerns. We also returned the favor by giving Dr. Harris our perspectives on how things are going in the schools and contexts in which we are involved.
November 2009

    Our regular P.A.C.E. Meeting featured an Open Discussion on a variety of topics as we sought to learn from each other how to best fulfill our common mission of raising our gifted and talented kids to be happy and growing.
October 2009

    Our regular P.A.C.E. Meeting featured a discussion on School Choice and the Lottery. Guests included: Carolyn Roman, Supervisor for School Choice/Lottery and Pupil Services; and Lisa Liedtke, ECLIPSE Coordinator. Subjects of discussion included
    How to negotiate the lottery / choice process: not only the nuts and bolts of the lottery, but also many helpful strategies and techniques for before you fill out any forms!
    Determining unique aspects of High and Middle Schools so as to be able to make an informed choice, and not just follow the �herd.� Be able to feel confident in your choices and schools.
    Should I consider E.C.L.I.P.S.E. for 4th-5th grade?
    October also provided the opportunity to attend the O.A.G.C. Parent Day, with Keynote Speaker James Delisle on �Parenting Gifted Kids: Top 10 Strategies for Raising a Happy and Successful Gifted Child.� At the Parent Day there was also opportunity to choose among several Ohio Department of Education Parent Module Educational Sessions (aka “Javits” modules). The O.A.G.C. Parent Division Meeting, and general conversation filled out a busy day.
September 2009

    Our first P.A.C.E. Meeting of the 2009-2010 School Year featured an Overview of Gifted & Talented Programs in Columbus City Schools with guests Toia Robinson, Supervisor for Exceptional Children from the C.C.S. Gifted and Talented Program, and several other representatives from the C.C.S. Gifted and Talented staff. There was ample opportunity for families new and old to P.A.C.E. to meet and share.
April 2009

    We said farewell to Francie Nolan, outgoing Supervisor for Exceptional Children, after her many good years building up the C.C.S. Gifted and Talented program. We enjoyed a Round Table Conversation on visions for the future of Gifted and Talented education in Columbus with Francie and incoming Supervisor Toia Robinson.
    We also elected officers for 2009-1010, accomplished some business items.
March 2009

    Summer Opportunities Fair 2009!
February 2009

    We discussed The In’s and Out’s of Scheduling
    – for all levels: in Elementary years, and especially as students approach Middle and High School. There were also additional resources for making the most of Parent Teacher Conferences, at any age or level!
January 2009

    We had an informative meeting with students and graduates who shared their experience and hopes while C.C.S. students, in a panel discussion entitled: “Tell It Like It Is, … or Could Be”
November 2008

    We had as our Special Guest Dr. Gene Harris. In our Conversation With the Superintendent we rejoiced at the levy passing and discussed far-ranging topics related to gifted education and education in general in the Columbus City School District.
October 2008

    We finally had the planned September Overview of Gifted & Talented Programs in Columbus City Schools. (This meeting fell victim to “the Columbus Hurricane of 2008.”)

    We met with many other families of Gifted & Talented students, and Gifted and Talented staff. Guests included Francie Nolan, Supervisor for Exceptional Children from the C.C.S. Gifted and Talented Program, and several of the Coordinators and Specialists (teachers) from the C.C.S. Gifted and Talented staff.
February 2008

    Special Guest Dr. Mary Rizza and people from the C.C.S. Gifted and Talented Department share information from a recent study about twice-exceptional children, which was funded by a Javits grant. Twice-exceptional children are actually more common than we might think, and strategies for teaching and raising them may inform those for children who are “just” gifted.

    [Dr. Rizza, now at the Ohio Dept. of Education, was previously an Associate Professor, and Coordinator of Gifted Programs at Bowling Green State University. Her research interests include: Gifted Education, Psychological Issues of the Gifted, Technology Infusion in the Classroom, Issues of the Twice-Exceptional.]

December 2007

    Special Guest C.C.S. Superintendent Dr. Gene Harris joined us for a wide-ranging discussion of issues related to gifted education and general questions regarding Columbus City Schools.

November 2007

    Two Counselors from Middle School, and two from High School will joined us as we discussed how counselors may play a key role in planning our children’s programs, progress and transitions – especially from Elementary to Middle to High School and college.

October 2007

    The O.A.G.C. Parent Fair provided information and inspiration. Some also attended the O.A.G.C. Fall Conference for even more.
    P.A.C.E. hosted the School Board Candidates’ Night in conjunction with the Franklin County Consortium for Good Government.

September 2007

    The room was packed as we met with other families of Gifted & Talented students, and Gifted and Talented staff for an overview of all the programs. Children enjoyed a session with storyteller Jeanette Bruton.

February 2007

    Francie Nolan shared much helpful information on the new C.C.S. Acceleration Policy: it’s much more than just grade-skipping! We got a chance to explore the process for referring a student, and how acceleration is planned and implemented. We discussed how various acceleration options may fit a particular student.
    We also had Diane Ging as a guest, sharing about the Higher Education Partnership, which includes things related to Acceleration, as well as of general interest, which come from partnerships with colleges and universities. These include: Advanced Placement, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options, Articulated Enrollment, Kenyon Academic Program, International Baccalaureate, Columbus Teaching Academy, Early College High School, DeVry Advantage Academy, … and more to come!

January 2006

    We had a productive Parent-to-Parent discussion. Over hot chocolate, and cookies, we had a wide-ranging discussion of questions, concerns and issues. Of course, we talked about school choice (the lottery), and how to make good decisions that respect our students’ individual uniqueness. We also had some follow up on social and emotional issues, and touched on school board issues, mid-year motivation, course offerings.
    We did not discuss a disappointing game involving a local team and a brown prolate spheroid

December 2006

    We had a discussion about Arts and the gifted child: How are they identified? What are their learning needs? What resources can I find to help them develop their talent?

November 2006

    Special Guests: Dr. Kelly Wesolowski, and doctoral candidate Cami Winkelspecht, from Children’s Hospital led a discussion of unique social and emotional needs of gifted and talented children.

October 2006

  1. Special Event – Parent Day at O.A.G.C. (Ohio Assn. Gifted Children)
  2. The O.A.G.C. Fall Conference
October 2006
    Conversation with Superintendent Gene Harris

September 2006

    We met with other families of Gifted & Talented students, and Gifted and Talented staff.

April 2006

  1. How will the new Columbus Schools reduced class schedule meet the needs of Gifted and Talented Students?
  2. Mr. Pete Maneff (Dir. High School Curriculum/Career Education), Ms. Suzy Rhett (Supervisor – High School Curriculum), and Dr. Marvenia Bosley (Deputy Supt./Academic Achievement) from C.C.S.
Tuesday March 7, 2006

  1. Step Into Summer Opportunities Fair
February 2006

  1. How are our children tested?
  2. What will the new “value added” testing mean for gifted education?
January 2006

  1. Dialogue with Superintendent, Dr. Gene Harris
December 2005

  1. Elaine Bell of Columbus City Schools shared future plans in the Innovative Schools Programs. (see resource)
  2. A panel of parent led a discussion and shared experiences on how to choose the best school for our particular student(s).
  3. Further discussion and sharing information for choosing the best school for a particular student. (see resource)
November 2005

  1. Writing education plans to serve our gifted students (WEPs)
    How can we be involved?
  2. Highlights from representatives to OAGC Conference (October 17-18)
January 2005

  1. Celebrating Accomplishments: Lea Pearson & Francie Nolan
  2. Open Discussion of Questions about School Choice – Lea Pearson
  3. Presentation by Gifted & Talented Staff: Judy Gatti, Ginny, & Francie
  4. Group Discussion, Feedback, and Questions
November 2004

  1. Highlights from representatives to OAGC Conference (Sept 18 & 19) Lea Pearson
  2. Highlights from CCS / PTA Parents Count event (10/21) Lea Pearson
  3. New PACE opportunities for 2004-05 Lea Pearson
  4. CCS Gifted & Talented Services and Written Education Plan (WEP) Francie Nolan
  5. Break out groups to review Written Education Plan (WEP) Francie Nolan