Contact P.A.C.E.

For general questions, you may reach P.A.C.E. officers at pace [at] ColumbusPACE [dot] org.
Or you may contact a specific person:                                                                                                        
Erica Reaves, President:Erica Reaves, president [at] ColumbusPACE [dot] org
Kristin Allison, Vice President: vp [at] ColumbusPACE [dot] org
Daniel Richardson, Treasurer: treasurer [at] ColumbusPACE [dot] org
OPEN, Secretary: secretary [at] ColumbusPACE [dot] org
Erica Reaves, Webmaster: webmaster [at] ColumbusPACE [dot] org

*Scott Prigan, Past President, Tech Consultant: 614-523-2420 or scott [at] ColumbusPACE [dot] org

These people — and many more — are involved in the important Steering Committee!