Welcome Lea Pearson

& Francine Nolan

Highlights from representatives to OAGC Conference (Sept 18 & 19) Lea Pearson

     students for special activities that extend their special talent/interest Michele Newbauer

     areas.  Information and forms available at OAGC website (www.oagc.com)

Highlights from CPS / PTA Parents Count event (10/21) Lea Pearson

New PACE opportunities for 2004-05 Lea Pearson

A sheet was circulated for parents and specialists to volunteer to help with these events.  Individuals may also contact Lea Pearson, the PACE mailbox (pace@ColumbusPACE.org), or the G&T Office to volunteer.

CPS Gifted & Talented Services and Written Education Plan (WEP) Francie Nolan

Break out groups to review Written Education Plan (WEP) Francie Nolan

Next General meeting is Monday, 12/13.

Steering Committee Meeting immediately following General meeting.

Submitted by Michele Newbauer, 11/30/04.

PACE General Meeting Minutes 11/08/2004