About Subscribers and Registered Users


Anyone who wants to keep abreast of postings on this the P.A.C.E. Home may subscribe. To become a Subscriber, check out the SUBSCRIBE Page. Should you later wish to unsubscribe, you can do that from the same page.

When you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation email. Please remember to confirm your subscription to activate it. Subscriptions left unconfirmed (and those that “bounce” from a bad email address) will periodically be removed by admin.

(The subscribe link in the lower left panel is for RSS, another option for checking posts on this site, independent of subscription.)

Registered Users

For those of you who are Registered Users, there are more options. (Don’t use the SUBSCRIBE page!) You can login to exercise finer control over categories for which you will be notified.

  • Registered Users by default will receive messages in all categories except “Site Testing” – so I can use that for tests. If you change your preferences, they will remain as you set them – unless I must at some time use the blunt instrument of a global reset.
  • N.B. If you are a Registered User at the time of this post, this post may prompt your first email notification.

Most Registered Users also have privileges to contribute articles (posts) to the P.A.C.E. Home, depending upon how your role is defined. (Roles include “Contributer,” “Author,” or even “Editor.” For information see Summary of Roles here.)

If there are any Registered Users who want help knowing how to contribute – or others who might like to join the collaboration, please contact me at .

More information about the Subscribe2 plugin may be found here, or see my notes.