Ohio Budget Bill impact on Gifted Education, and Education in general

Here are some resources if you are interested in the impact of the proposed Ohio Budget Bill (H.B. 59) on gifted education, and education in general.

For keeping up with gifted-specific issues, please see the latest Advocacy Update on the Ohio Association for Gifted Children web site. You might also consider signing up for GTAdvocate (or the wider, high volume, OhioGift) listservs, to receive email updates. These are on the on the OAGC Advocacy page. (You might even want to consider joining O.A.G.C., or at least your local affiliate – like P.A.C.E. – if you are not already a member.)

For those interested in sorting through other education-related issues in the bill, you may not want to sort through the 4206 pages of legalese. Check out StateImpact Ohio, A reporting project of local public media and NPR. Go directly to the article on What’s Inside Kasich’s Budget Bill: The Education Stuff. There you will find a view of the bill with many pertinent topics highlighted, and ways to navigate.

Of course, you can always download the entire H.B. 59, and search for “gifted.”

Let your legislators know what you think about House Bill 59! The latest Advocacy Update has a summary of key issues, as well as links to how to get in touch with legislators: Ohio House (Senate).