Summer Fair goes Virtual for 2010

Summer Fair goes Virtual!

Sadly, we are unable to have the Summer Opportunities Fair as a “Big Event” at Franklin Park this year. We have encountered two difficulties, either one of which alone could have killed the event. First, we have had a hard time recruiting all the volunteers to pull off such a major undertaking. Then we found that in the present economic environment past sponsors were reluctant to provide funding.

But, fear not! For out of adversity comes opportunity! The Summer Opportunities Fair has been transmuted into the

P.A.C.E. Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair.

If you need help with summer, you are in luck. Just visit:

This resource will provide an ongoing listing of summer opportunities, with “Exhibitors” having the opportunity to continually update their information. Please be sure to check on it as it develops. (You will be able to follow developments via RSS or email subscription, in addition to visiting the site!)