Budget Aftermath: Vigilance and Advocacy!

sausage makingThe 2010-2011 Budget is done, and now we have to live with it. Given the tenuous nature of the economy and state revenues, we’d best keep our eyes and ears open for any additional developments, and be ready to jump in with advocacy should more programs be threatened.

Stay tuned to O.A.G.C.’s resources for Ann Sheldon’s Advocacy Alerts, and other resources. Visit the O.A.G.C. Advocacy page where you can sign up for email alerts. There are also other resources and LISTSERVs (mailing lists).

(Since the budget process is so much like sausage-making, I’ll leave the graphic!)

Biennial Budget News from O.A.G.C.

Here is an important message from Ann Sheldon, Ex. Director of O.A.G.C. It is time to get in touch with your legislator, and ask that these problems in the present proposals be corrected! Links on the OAGC Advocacy Alert page provide some points to help formulate your message.

As many of you are aware the governor’s education plan for gifted education, as currently presented, will have a devastating impact on gifted services across Ohio. While it is clear that the governor had good intentions for gifted children, the plan does not reflect what is needed in Ohio. Funding will be cut to less than half the current level and will not be tied to trained gifted staff. In addition, all identification funds will be eliminated as well as the Summer Honors Institutes and the Martin Essex program. Finally, the funding mechanism for PSEO is dismantled, and it remains unclear whether students will have open access to PSEO opportunities. Representative Dyer, Chairman of the House Finance Primary and Secondary Sub-committee and the education policy staff in Speaker Budish’s office are aware of the issue and seem willing to help fix the problem. However, until the bill language is actually changed, gifted education remains vulnerable. Odder things have unintentionally gone into law. It is time for gifted advocates to contact their own legislators (email is fine) and simply tell them that you are very concerned about what will happen to gifted services in your district under this plan. Please be polite, and please do not bash the governor. You may find your Ohio House representative by clicking here. If you would like further details about the plan, please go the OAGC Advocacy Alert page. A representative from the governor’s office will be meeting with the OAGC Governing Board on Monday. If anything interesting is shared at this meeting, another email will be sent out.

You also may view this message here.